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Alejandro Martínez: Landscape Photographer... inspirational, for his technical excellence and impeccable selection. In Spanish, but easy to manage: follow the link; click on "galería".

The Ron McCray Website. Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here? Questions for beginning the inner journey as in the days of pre-history. Our answers are the entry point into ourselves.

Centered Path. Web-based center for e-courses, both self-study and interactive, in the areas of creativity, healing and spirituality.

Poetry Bay an on-line only publication loaded with poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews. 

Artist Chawky Frenn states: "Images of Truth we are... Truth will prevail and set humankind free, free to be unified, free to be one, free to be Love."

Babylon Travel Magazine - Adventure publication focusing on travel writing and photography from around the world for the independent and culture conscious traveler.

Roy Pickering Jr. Fine short stories, novels, and assorted parts and pieces of his growing body of work.

Jason Pettus. Poetry, rants, essays, hyperfiction and other creative works by Chicago poet Jason Pettus.

Ianwalk.com. Ian walks all over the place; last count had him up to 4800 km walked in three pairs of shoes, two years, and heading North out of Patagonia.

Amit Bar photographer who specializes in nudes, Body Painting and portraits.

Body Painting Links Page 2.2 Body Painting resources guide.

Cristina Nualart Paintings - Drawings - Photos - Writings.

Why fly when you can e-hitchhike? Slow down, take your time, meet people, and see the country. The next three links are e-hitchhiking sources.

erideshare.com. Excellent e-hitchhiking source. Well organized, making it easy to find yourself a ride and make a new friend. Great coverage of the US and Canada.

kindrideshare.net. Fewer listings than erideshare, but useful for the major cross-country routes. Between kindrideshare and erideshare, you should be able to make your way all over North America, from Alaska and Canada thru the United States and down into Mexico.

hitchhikers.org. I haven't had the opportunity to try this e-hitchhiking source yet, but the site appears well organized and useful.

Cedric François: Passion for art and travel.

The Poet's Porch... Where poetry lives... maintained by the Quill Poet. Also, check out Quill's The Poetic Village.

Glenn Ingersoll's Love Settlement. Law writes, "Glenn Ingersoll is an outstanding poet. His writing is groundbreaking and really stuck with me..."

Digital Consciousness. A huge database of new artists on-line.

Lupert: It's The Website - & - Poetry Super Highway. Provided by poet Rick Lupert, an extensive directory of poetry/writing related websites with the goal of exposing as many people to as many other people's poetry as possible.

The Body Painting Directory. An entertaining source of info on Body Painting, with numerous links to Body Painters from around the world.

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